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SEO is what I love. If you think that SEO is only about title, description and Semantic Core, then unfortunately not, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

about me

Hello All! My name is Tema and I have been developing WEB sites since 2010. Whem I created my first site nobody visited it. I was really upset, but I understood, that knowlege about sites creations are not enough. So I started to study SEO…

In the beginning it seemed to me that everything is extremely simple. Just created content, add keys and you’re done! I was young and naive.

After 8 years of studying and experimenting with SEO, I realized a lot and made a bunch of mistakes (well, these mistakes were on my private projects, thanks to God)

about me

If you think that SEO is only about title, description and Semantic core, so unfortunately this is only the «tip of the iceberg».

I’ve sunk pretty deep over the years and honestly I stll haven’t found the bottom.

From the content I moved to code optimization and server settings, than to network content delivery optimization and over.

Unique content in itself is good, but what to do when it is already trivial in the network. Search engines have long started to look not only at the text and pictures, they take into account the whole project. Under the word all, I mean everything from the first byte of loading to the last, so to this add all the dynamics of change in time.

The whole project can be divided into blocks and stages.

about me

First, let’s answer the question: Why?
(what tasks does the project solve)

about me

After all you need to decide How it should eventually look like?
(From design to ui/ux, etc.)

Then how is it supposed to work?
(What code, what architecture, servers and location, etc.)

And how should they find you in the Internet?
(Optimization of code, content, etc.)

It certainly is a rough division and is not complete. But for a small project, this is enough.