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SEO is what I love. If you think that SEO is only about title, description and Semantic Core, then unfortunately not, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Website promotion

Running your own business is hard. Incredibly difficult, and understandable. Doing everything yourself is an empty undertaking, because there are only two hands, and a thousand tasks. Organize deliveries, find customers, attract them, interest online buyers, promote your site and make it as attractive as possible. That’s why Temaprint was created to help with the Web component, which provides unlimited access from anywhere in the world to millions of customers.

Temaprint deals not only with search engine optimization, but with a full range of services — from setting up directive advertising, ending with the creation of online stores from scratch.


What services can be obtained?

It depends on your requests. You already have a resource on the Internet, but not enough customers — we will solve the problem. There are suspicions that your SEO specialist is shirking — we will show how effective search engine optimization can be. You have nothing but an idea, or even a pure desire to start working across the country — we can handle it. If you want to know how it works, you can give several services with a detailed description.


Creating a project from scratch

Creating a website involves many tasks and difficulties that arise along the way. The spectrum includes:

Choosing a reliable hosting and installing a server client. The main difficulty lies in setting it up so that any resource size from a few megabytes to gigabytes of information is displayed equally quickly. Also, there should be no problems with access time, many companies say that preventive maintenance of the back end, or repair work up to 3% of the time per month / year, is considered normal. But this is not so, really debugged servers should work up to 99% of the time in Up-Time mode.
Selection of a domain name that reflects the activities of the company as much as possible. It is often difficult to find a rare domain, or there is doubt about renewing the license of a given name registrar (which, alas, is not uncommon these days). In the end, you need to choose a name that reflects the activities of the company. After all, if the site is not yet in the first places in the search, then it will be difficult to find it again, so it is best if the name is memorable. So, for example, a well-known resource for recipes and product selection is called, and such a combination of first and second level domains with the selection of adequate euphony and a name for the project as a whole can take many forms.

Planning the structure and design of the future site. What will be the sections, how many product categories, will there be news and many other details. Planning site navigation is also indispensable, because everything should be logical, so that even the most short-sighted user intuitively understands where to go to see the full catalog of ice cream machines, or where he needs to “click” to search for specific things.

Creation of a layout by a designer. Based on the plan drawn up, the layout of the site is drawn.
Layout of the main «skeleton» of the site. According to the layout, then the main markup of the site is written: where and what will be located, how it will turn on, turn off and look like in general.
Programming complex parts to complement the site with the necessary functionality or useful applications from the user’s point of view. At this stage, the formation of databases and the development of complex display elements, whether it be various sliders, your own search system, some kind of selection constructor, and so on, take place.

Filling the site with content. At this stage, the online store is filled with goods. Photographs and information on the services provided by the customer may be required in order to most fully and honestly reflect the information and activities of the store. Product specifications, service descriptions, and articles, if needed, are added here.

Project testing. Not a single high-quality product can do without debugging and passing integration and unit testing even at the development stage. However, checking the usability component, the possible reaction of visitors using automated testing, as well as the security test is an extremely important part. Moreover, without setting up a security component, the site is almost 90% likely to “fall” under the attacks of automatic DDos systems and other “robots” distributed over the network in order to obtain data from servers.

Temaprint is mainly engaged in the creation of websites and online stores in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, but given the industry, it provides services to customers of any distance.


Site maintenance

After setting up the functionality and uploading the site to the server, it starts functioning. In order to be seen, advertising and promotion are needed, which will be discussed later, but technical and marketing support is indispensable to support the work. This category does not include SEO services, but specific support for the stability of the resource elements, the relevance of the information provided, the observance of rights and various licenses, and the restoration of information in case of problems on the server side. Also, the user can lose his account, order the wrong product and until you get your own technical support service — Temaprint is ready to help with this.

In addition, no matter how high-quality testing is, for major problems, the percentage of detected errors is no more than 92%. It is impossible to find and fix all the bugs and inconsistencies in the code at the development stage — some of the non-critical things still remain. Therefore, the user can find something: incorrect display of a number, violation of the site display when switching to print mode in one particular browser of a certain version, and many other little things. The site maintainer’s job is to support the user in demonstrating the bug, responding to feedback, and taking action to fix the bugs.


SEO promotion and support

SEO component is the most important part of a workable project and the presence of start-up marketing. This is work directly with search engines and where your site will be located when asked. Of course, if you decide to create an Internet clone of such giants as Ebay or Ozon, then with the same products it will be almost impossible to overcome their barrier, but it is quite possible to achieve results on the first page of Google. Thus, a potential client, seeing that a product, for example, is not available on one site, or its price is even a little higher, will definitely switch to the one that seemed attractive to him at the moment. As a rule, this happens in 89% of cases, according to Yahoo’s statistical research, because on the Internet, nothing prevents buyers from visiting a dozen stores in seconds, comparing reviews, product quality, price and delivery speed. Creating sites in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk has 2 advantages here: due to the proximity to the end client, both the price and the speed of delivery will suit him more than even the largest companies in this sector.

Working with search engines includes website promotion for key queries — certain sets of words and composed sentences that users most often type in the Google or Yandex search box. As a rule, these are the 2 most popular search engines in Russia with a difference in the percentage of use of 55.29% and 38.71% in favor of Yandex (data as of December 2016). Of course, a certain number of users also work with Bing, Rambler, and also search (the latter, most often by mistake), so if you want to promote indicators in all search engines, these companies also have their own webmaster tools, with whom we could work. But keep in mind that most often these are unreasonable expenses, and even when you have advanced enough in the first two search engines, working with Mail and other systems turns out to be superfluous and unjustified.


Setting up AdWords and Yandex Direct

AdWords and Yandex.Direct is work with contextual advertising. Its main idea is that certain information about his behavior is collected about each user: what he most often looks for, whether he often reacts, whether he ultimately buys the product. To many, this will seem unfair, or a violation of privacy, but the practice passed through the years, having managed to acquire a reinforced legislative base with the subordination of activities to various state organizations. So in general, nothing superfluous about the user is collected. Only what helps both the business and the potential client to find each other. No conspiracy. Only business, money and advertising, and no one needs more.

It was this direction of development that allowed companies to save billions of banknotes, because before they had to hang banners, intrusive advertising on websites. Firstly, it was shown to everyone in a row (significantly increasing costs), and secondly, it simply repelled. Imagine how many users, let’s say Daewoo, are interested in goods and components for the VAZ-2112 and vice versa? So, advertising on a regional TV channel costs around 1,500 rubles for one 15-second show. For the same money, with proper AdWords setup, you can meet 1,500 impressions. Speaking of conversion, it is easier for a person to click on an ad and go to detailed information than to carry out some actions heard on TV. About the same difference between regular online advertising and contextual impressions.

Correctly setting up the AdWords tool (for Google) and Yandex.Direct (for Yandex) will allow you to create a context only for those people who are interested in it. There are millions of consumers around the world who are interested in your services, already ready buyers, the task is only to find them and show them where to go.

Several options are possible:

  1. Orientation to the target audience. For each display of advertising to the corresponding consumer, a certain payment will be charged.
  2. Visitor control. All impressions are free, only real clicks are paid. For many, this is more suitable, but this option is somewhat more expensive.
  3. Complete trust in Temaprint. There is no need to think about anything: we ourselves will select the best way for an advertising campaign and all other indicators: local or global; search, or hosted on applications and resources; video, text format, or images; indicator test, test advertising campaign, chart analysis — all this is in the hands of people who have been working in the field for more than one year.

Design Services

In addition to the technical component, Temaprint is also the development of design solutions for brands and events:

  • Poster. If you are going to hold an event in your city, you need a poster. The design of the poster is not something in the style of the famous advertisement of the Mummy relaxation center, but a real, eye-catching picture, not overloaded, but quite informative.
  • Creation of a logo and brand book. Recognition does half the job of advertising an established company. But you need to use a properly developed brand from the very beginning so that it does not affect the national, religious and other hostility of different categories of people, likes many and attracts the attention of everyone. In the future, for a company with the right brand as an advertisement, it is enough to show this logo, and people have already thought about the product that the company sells. The more often they see it, the more the connection is fixed, for example, «Furniture — IKEA» and they prefer to buy a certain product in a certain place.